JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: 10 Astonishing Phantom Blood Cosplays to Admire

JoJo’s Phantom Blood arc had a variety of gothic and big characters to cosplay. Here are our favorites!

Every good story has to begin somewhere. In the case of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the long-running shonen franchise, Phantom Bloodwas the story’s first sequence which was set in Victorian England. Later story arcs such as the most famous Stardust Crusaderslater eclipsed it, however, Phantom Bloodhas a distinct spot within the JoJouniverse.

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10 The Invader

The gallery starts with the troubled kid who brought misfortune to the whole Joestar household: Dio Brando, the future vampire. Cosplayer @prismocube captured the spirit of Dio Brando with his deceivingly beautiful eyes to his cruel and arrogant eyes.

Not only that, but the cosplayer also added the cool sound effect of the katakana language to give it a manga feel, and the hairstyle of the cosplayer really makes this piece stand out. Dio might be bad, but at the very least he always looks his best.

9 newlyweds

Jonathan Joestar suffered greatly when Dio stormed into his life and flipped the world upside down, but at least he had his lovely wife, Erina Pendleton, by his side. Erina Pendleton is an important character in the tale. She should not be forgotten.

In this stunning cosplay image taken by @chaotic_charisma, Jonathan is looking stunningly radiant while holding his bride close and, no doubt, he’s sworn to defend her from all evil, both now and in the future. Erina is stunning in her wedding and her golden hair is a perfect match for Jonathan’s dark shade.

8 The Bully

Dio brando was a hound who pounded Jonathan Joestar to the extent possible, even Danny the dog. Dio was also aware that Jonathan was getting closer to Erina Pendleton, so Dio made a move. It was a shrewd move.

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Dio confronted Erina alone and harassed her, trying to “sully” her in the hope that Jonathan would not want her any more. Cosplayers @nightsidecosplay and @teatimechaps did a fine job in demonstrating the cruel side to Dio’s charms as Erina is beginning to realize Jonathan’s foster brother is not someone to trust.

7 Artifact Of Destiny

Dio set out on a mission to tear down the Joestar family one way or another, and Dio even began inflicting poison on George Joestar, the family head. But he is only able to accomplish the same as a normal man; he needed the stone mask, too.

The bizarre Aztec artifact transformed Dio into something else. Cosplayer @inna.perina captures Dio’s spirit by holding the object up as if to say “Behold the supreme force of all the universe!” It’s mine!

6 Truce

It’s time to take a break of pace, and now, the cosplayers are dreaming up a great scene where the foster brothers have been taught to be friends. Foster family members may eventually feel like true family as they spend enough time together.

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Dio and Jonathan were seated under the oak tree in this rustic autumn photo to read. They’re not just great fighters; they are also a well-read gentleman, as their social class demands.

5 Ultimate Hero

Before the powerful Stands were introduced like Star Platinum in Stardust Crusaders, there was Hamon The power of the sun and breath. Jonathan Joestar learned the ways of Hamon from Baron Zeppeli and then he was an incredibly powerful vampire slayer.

In this fun cosplay image by @dragopolo, it’s time for action, and Jonathan is a slick shonen hero from the 1980s, ready to drive his fists right to the core of evil to destroy it once and for all. It’s also worth noting that the vibrant background and yellow Hamon aura complete the image.

4 Roberta Speedwagon

This story arc includes one of the male “waifu” characters from the world of anime: Robert Speedwagon. The fashionable clothes and cool pose of Robert Speedwagon are ideal for cosplay, and include sleek gender-bending like this. Speedwagon is all set to save the world.

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Cosplayer @speedstache_cosplays stays largely true to the original character, but she did add some visual flair with a rainbow bow tie in the left image and long, wavy blonde hair that no doubt looks dramatic and cool while she’s in a fight. Jonathan can rely on her.

3 Come And Get Me

Dio Brando embraced his newfound status as a vampire when wearing the mask. He made sure to be a fashionable vampire also, and he found a scary castle that he could claim as his own, and was surrounded by strange chimera pets and minions in his throne room.

Cosplayer @inna.perina captures the eerie character Dio the vampire, from the moody lighting in magenta and blue to dark lipstick, black attire blood dribble and the red rose in one awesome shot. And that expression on his face is truly lusty for Jonathan’s blood.

2 Joanna Joestar

Jonathan Joestar will be the subject of this gender-bender. In the story Joestar is a massive and tough guy But what if he were the heir of the Joestar family, and a young woman who emphasized agility and speed instead?

This new JoJo hero looks exactly as she is, a decent woman who is able to make guests feel special and beat vampires to submission when they attempt to harm her loved ones and family members. @panta.cos has created a cosplay that is a perfect blend of ethereal effects.

Three Heroes

Dio should be on alert, because the adventurers are finally coming together. Jonathan isn’t going it alone; he’s also got Speedwagon on board and Baron Zeppeli who is one of the greatest instructors and mentors in the anime world.

This cosplay picture is filled with excitement. From Zeppeli’s remark “there’s danger ahead”, to Jonathan’s alert appearance, and Speedwagon’s fearful look. Together, they’re stronger than any obstruction.

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