Boa Hancock Cosplayer Leaves One Piece Fans in Awe with Impressive Costume

Fabibi World Cosplay brings the Snake Princess Boa Hancock to life with an amazing cosplay that recreates the costume worn by the warlord in One Piece: Stampede.

Professional cosplayer Fabibi World Cosplay has captured the beauty and drama of One Piece‘s pirate warlord Boa Hancock in an astonishingly precise cosplay.

The cosplayer uploaded photos of her costume that are near perfect on Instagram. While the Snake Princess has donned a variety of elaborate outfits throughout the story, this cosplay specifically recreates her outfit from the 2019 movie, One Piece: Stampede, including her vibrant purple sash and military-inspired trench coat. Fabibi World Cosplay also captures the various dimensions of Hancock’s vibrant personality in the photographs.

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One Piece of Impact

One Piece is an essential element of both the anime/manga world and the larger pop-culture scene. The hugely popular series was created in 1997 by Eiichiro Oda, who began publishing his beloved manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The ongoing series includes more than 1,000 chapters and is the most-read manga. The story follows the sometimes bizarre adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, the young pirate with a rubber body and a dream of becoming the new King of the Pirates. Luffy, along with his crew of diverse characters, travels across the Grand Line to search for the treasure. It was hidden by Gol D. Roger, the first King among the Pirates.

The Stampede 14th feature film of the One Piece movie Series was created to commemorate the 20th anniversary Of Toei Animation’s anime. In it, there are pirates from all over the globe, and even Luffy and his crew, gather at the Pirates Expo to join a search for the treasures of Roger. The film earned more than Y=10 billion (roughly USD 93 million) across the globe and was generally received by critics.

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The latest film, One Piece Film: Red, recently made its debut in theaters in Japan and is expected to open internationally this season. Uta is the estranged child of the Red-Haired Shanks as well as a childhood companion to Luffy the new canonical character. A beautiful performer, Uta seeks to combat suffering and pain through the power of music.

One Piece is performing even more. It was announced recently that the manga is currently in the final story arc. This implies that the final chapter is nearer than ever. In addition, Netflix is currently developing a live-action One Piece series while Bandai Namco works on the development of a new video game.

One Piece: Stampede is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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