One Piece Fan Depicts the Devil Child Nico Robin in Joyful Beach Cosplay

A cosplayer from anime transforms into Nico Robin, the “Devil Child” The “hands-on participant” of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nico Robin, also known as “Devil Child”, One Piece is brought to life by the amazing efforts of a single co-star.

Jennifer Torres posted her interpretation of Nico Robin on her Instagram. The photos depict Torres as the complicated character wearing a post-time-skip dress as she enjoys a restful and enjoyable day on the beach. Nico Robin’s navy blue leather vest paired with a salmon sarong skirt is the look that she is wearing.

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One Piece fan savagely praises Torres for her costume as Nico Robin. Some comments pointed out the time and efforts she made in re-creating the archeologist’s iconic style. Some felt that the beach scene was the perfect match for the relaxed Nico Robin. One fan even thought of Torres’ Nico Robin to be their headcanon in real life.

One Piece fans are celebrating the Anime and Manga

Torres wasn’t the only One Piece supporter to show their appreciation. Paris was the home of football fans from all over the world who put up a variety of banners to create an enormous picture of Monkey D. Luffy “smashing the symbol for the team that is in opposition” by using his Gum Gum Gatling Gun attack. Chancil Fan artist, created an incredibly touching picture of Yamato (carrot) and Nami (carrot) being the best of friends. The artist also created an amazing picture of Nico Robin and Nami with Nefertari Vivi (honorary Straw Hat member).

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One Piece continues with Live-Action Film and Final Saga

One Piece is an animated show that has entertained fans for more than twenty years. It tells the tale of the Straw Hat Pirates capturing the Grand Line’s untamed territory to find the One Piece. The show has become to the point that Eiichiro Oda, the series creator, requires assistance in keeping track of the various characters’ stories, plots, and mysteries. Netflix will launch the first live-action One Piece TV series later this year. It will be based on some of the most memorable moments.

The One Piece anime has been removed from the web and will return on the 19th of March. The manga was on hiatus for a month in preparation for the last chapter. The anime can be streamed through Crunchyroll as well as Netflix. Viz Media is responsible for the English version of One Piece.

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