Pokémon’s Post-Ash Series Trailer Introduces Fans to Captain Pikachu

A new trailer has been released for the Pokemon Horizons anime. The trailer gives viewers more information about the new characters as well as Captain Pikachu.

The Pokemon Company has released a trailer for Pokemon Horizons. The anime is the latest entry in the series and kicks off with a brand-new story that is not starring Ash Ketchum.

The trailer largely focuses on new trainer Liko who is a young lady who begins her Pokemon journey to not just discover her but to discover the truth behind the mysterious necklace that may connect her to one of the most powerful creatures in the Paldea region. Her adorable companion Sprigatito will accompany her, along with Roy (a fellow trainer who possesses a bizarre Pokeball and wants to challenge “the Pokemon from legends”.

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The trailer shows the new protagonists and several secondary characters from Horizons. Special attention is given to the Rising Volteckers. A research team with the specialized expertise that travels around the world aboard an airship, studying Pokemon, the group is led by Professor Fried as well as his beloved companion Captain Pikachu. It’s unclear how this team will be incorporated into the plot, but it appears likely that they will assist Liko_ and Roy as they travel across Paldea.

A New Pokemon Game Needs New Pokemon Trainers

Details on Pokemon Horizons’plot are scarce, but one significant aspect that fans are struggling to comprehend is the departure of Ash Ketchum, who served as the main character of the show for more than two decades. After finally becoming the Pokemon champion in late 2022, the popular character ended his tale with a handful of emotional episodes before officially walking off into the sunset. It’s currently unknown whether the new characters will be directly connected to Ash, but many fans are convinced Liko is Ash’s daughter, as well as Horizonsis, was released many years after the original trainer’s narrative concluded.

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Horizons will follow in the footsteps of the earlier Pokemon anime adaptations. The show will take viewers to Paldea which was first revealed in the most recent Pokemon games Scarlett and Violet. Fans can expect Liko as well as Roy to meet old and new creatures in their pockets along with the many leaders scattered throughout Paldea as they discover themselves and discover their ancient artifacts.

A solid release date for Pokemon Horizons: The Series is set to air on April 14th. The complete archive of the series’ older seasons is available on Netflix.

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