How Voldemort Became More Snakelike in Harry Potter

The Wizarding World’s most terrifying villain was the Heir Slytherin in Harry Potter, but that’s not the main reason Voldemort looks like a snake.

It is vital to keep in mind the controversial statements made by the Harry Potter creator. CBR supports industry professionals who collaborate on Harry Potter properties that they love as well as the entire Harry Potter world that Harry Potter fans have embraced. You can follow CBR’s continuous coverage of Rowling here.

One of the most famous villains of modern fiction, Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter franchise stands out as cold, brutal, and terrifying. His distinctive face is what distinguishes him from other fantasy villains. It’s one thing to be pure evil, it’s different to look similar to it. But, it’s not fully understood the reason Voldemort appears to be a snake.

Tom Riddle’s appearance has changed so much over his life that Tom never explains the reason. Albus Dumbledore, the Harry Potter novelist has shed light on this mystery. He asserts that Voldemort was becoming less human over the years and that his appearance was a reflection of the torture his soul would have to endure to make seven Horcruxes.

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The Most Forbidden Act Caused Voldemort to appear like a snake

It’s explained in both the Harry Potter movie adaptations and in the novels that to create Horcrux Horcrux one must break one’s soul most brutally by the act of murder. Tom would have wanted to break his soul in seven pieces in the hope of defeating his enemies, however, twisted he may have been. Tom appears not to have been spiritually affected after killing at most seven people, but his facial expressions tell a different story.

Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort, as he was first to be referred to, appeared very snake-like. With his pale, slick skin and eyes that had slits, It’s hard not to recognize the connection between himself and his favorite Slytherin mascot. Although some might suggest his resemblance to a snake may be due to his position as the heir of Slytherin or his ability in Parseltongue to talk, it was the ultimate ripping of his heart that transformed him.

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Years of Dark Magic Did a Number on Voldemort

His appearance was damaged due to the drastic steps Voldemort employed to attain his goals. Every bit of dark magic that he employed, including the spell that brought him back to a physical body the Goblet of Fire had an impact on his body. It would be impossible for that amount of magical energy to not have a physical effect. At one point, Tom Riddle used his handsome looks as a tool to influence people, such as Snape, in his favor However, towards the end of his story, Voldemort had to rely on ever more dark magic that would further deteriorate his looks.

While it would be easy, and funny, to assert that Voldemort looks like snakes because it is the case that he is one, it would not be the case. Voldemort’s terrible appearance is the result of his numerous sinister acts. He made the Horcruxes that shattered his soul more than it could bear.

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