One Piece: The Epic Battle Between Luffy and Katakuri and How It Ended

Was Luffy’s win in One Piece’s most controversial fight really earned or was it simply plot armor?

Luffy has faced many enemies throughout the more than 1,000 chapters of One Piece. They all have different fighting styles and abilities. Some of his adversaries were easy to defeat, however, others were a greater threat. His battle with Charlotte Katakuri (one of Big Mom’s many children) remains a hot topic in the present.

Katakuri was Luffy’s most formidable opponent and could match Luffy almost blow for blow. His Mochi Mochi no Mi powers allowed him to replicate Luffy’s attack, like his Elephant Gun. Despite the Mochi No Mi’s designation as a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, Katakuri could change his body to mochi as though it were a Logia-type ability. How did Luffy overcome this formidable foe?

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What was the reason Luffy defeat Katakuri?

Luffy and Katakuri engaged in some fights during the wedding Pudding and then their escape. However, the main battle would take place at the Thousand Sunny deck in Chapter 878 (Episode 85 in the anime), after Pedro surrendered. Katakuri had escaped the ship through Brulee’s ability to traverse mirrors and was waiting to see their return.

Katakuri tried to stop the group as they were preparing for their aerial escape. However, Luffy was able to drag Katakuri into the Mirro-World so that his fellows could be able to complete their escape plans. Once they were separated, Luffy shattered the mirror to ensure that Katakuri and his men were unable to go back to the Thousand Sunny. The two would wage their first major fight against each other here.

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Luffy’s perseverance won him victory over Katakuri

Luffy and Katakuri exchanged blows, with Katakuri holding the lead for the majority of the fight. It was due to being able to use Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers awakened. Luffy struggled to keep his head up, even having to withdraw for his Haki to recharge. After a few rounds and some interference from Charlotte Flampe, The two were on the same level after Luffy began to anticipate actions using the Color of Observation Haki and Katakuri, injuring himself in the same way he had injured Luffy following the time Flampe shot him with a needle. They unleashed the supreme King Haki and continued to exchange blows. Katakuri was defeated, and Luffy was left in the middle.

Luffy’s victory could be the result of a combination. One reason could be Katakuri’s snack times were delayed, he was not able to replenish his energy. In one of his panels, he stated that sugar was the source of his strength. As he was already late for his snack time and was unable to finish his meal, he might not have been able to recharge fully if we take his statement as literal. Also, he stabbed himself in the abdomen to compensate for Flampe’s interference, a grave injury.

Fighting with an injury such as that will most likely affect him, especially when he isn’t injured frequently and in such a severe way. Luffy is constantly injured and has learned to cope with it. Katakuri employed her observation haki to avoid and anticipate attacks using his mochi powers. Also, there’s the issue of exhaustion. Luffy may have been able to win due to luck or even plot armor.

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Could Luffy and Katakuri Battle Again?

Are Luffy and Katakuri going to face each other again? What happens if Luffy and Katakuri were to have to fight again? Another stretchy-men fight could likely occur, based on the reality that Katakuri would want to have a fair battle against Luffy with no siblings involved (despite Luffy’s claims that there’s nothing wrong with fighting dirty between pirates). Luffy has gotten better at his skills and strength since their first row. The chance to fight Luffy again might be a chance to prove how far he has come. Likely, Katakuri will also have trained hard for a rematch. Both have mutual respect, and a fair match could be the perfect ending.

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