The Redemption of a Loser: The Unbelievable Victory in Record of Ragnarok

Brunhilde’s record of Ragnarok is a battle against the wall. But thanks to the World’s Greatest Loser the team pulls off an astonishing win.

Netflix anime The Record of Ragnarok focuses on a tournament designed by Brunhilde the valkyrie during the millennial gathering of the gods to decide the fate of humanity. A tournament consisting of 13 battles in which man faces off against God, seems easy for the gods.

Brunhilde and his team were unable to overcome Zeus’ pantheon, which was part of the titular tournament. It was the final round that would determine mankind’s fate. Brunhilde understands that the Valkyrie powerups helped humanity’s champions to be stronger but, ultimately, gods have abilities beyond theirs. Brunhilde also knows that it will take more to win. Kojiro Sasaki is considered the greatest loser in the world, but he managed to win an incredible victory using a secret technique.

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Kojiro Sakaki’s Repeated Losses Have Taught Him How To Win

Kojiro wasn’t the greatest swordsman. Many in the crowd were apprehensive that Kojiro was not a legend. Kojiro had never won a single fight, but there were a lot of warriors who were fully experienced like Musashi. Musashi had murdered him, but Kojiro knew why he was chosen. Although his body was losing fights, the data stored in his mind about how to win was saving his mind. Kojiro was once a coward when he was young and became obsessed with nature, animals, and energy and began training his own.

Although he was able to master the art of the sword, he still needed to fight to fully absorb the knowledge. He would go on to lose many duels against his mentor and other dojo mates across the continent. Kojiro thought up ways to beat them but never used them. His former master found the marks and was able to sense who Kojiro fought in simulations. He could use his skills to create a matrix if he ever had to fight them. He could also use techniques and knowledge from others fighters to fight new ones.

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Kojiro beat Poseidon Calculating His Moves

Kojiro was capable of identifying every possible move of a fighter by simply watching them step into the arena. Kojiro was able to read Poseidon’s muscles and his breathing when he entered. Kojiro was able to predict all of Poseidon’s moves before he threw that first blow. Kojiro was able to predict every move, which allowed him to duck, dodge, and then counter.

was Poseidon unleashing his full rage. The barrage felt like hundreds of copies. Kojiro ended up using his double swords — Hrist’s souls and Hrist’s calm — to take out Poseidon. This shock shocked the gods and caused the Valhalla arena into rapture when they realized that humanity was no longer an underdog. It’s all due to Record Ragnarok, the greatest loser.

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