Understanding the Unthinkable Mission of John Wick

John Wick, a skilled assassin and well-trained assassin once gave up his life. It was because he completed an “Impossible Task”, with deadly consequences.

John Wick might be known as an assassin bogeyman but he eventually put all that behind him. After briefly leading a quiet life as a married man, he would soon return to violence. John had to go through this violence, which was ironic, his ticket out, even though it came at a terrible price.

All the events of the John Wick movies hinge on the accomplishment of an “Impossible Task” for the protagonists. This gave him the chance to live the life he had in the first film. However, it also led to the events of the second and the third films. John Wick would not be able to enjoy Heaven on Earth if he completed this mission. However, it would return to his life as a living hell. The fourth John-Kid Wick movie is now available. Here’s a look at what started it all.

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John Wick was able to be a happy married man because of “The Impossible Task”

John Wick, a Jardani Josephnovich-born child, would travel to America to join the Ruska Rom. John Wick became an infamous hitman and joined Viggo Tarasov’s gang as an adult. This made him enemies. John initially thought that this lifestyle was perfect for him. However, John began to question his decision after meeting Helen. He was deeply in love with her and wanted a way out of his violent, hectic life. Viggo was open to his request, but John had to accomplish an “Impossible Task.” He had to defeat Tarasovs enemies in one evening to make sure they didn’t have the chance to regroup and retaliate.

Tarasov did not expect Wick to succeed in the mission. This is why it was called impossible. John had the support of Santino, who provided the funds to eliminate Tarasov and his foes. John completed his mission and was allowed to live a life of love and civility, until Helen’s death from cancer. Even though these events were tragic, they were only the beginning of John’s problems.

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The John Wick Sequels were made impossible by the Impossible Task

The events of the first Johnwick saw the former assassin jump back into action when he was attacked by Viggo Tarrasov’s child. John does not have time to celebrate his victory as D’Antonio comes back to his life in John WICK: Chapter 2. He reminds John about the debt he owes due to his assistance in the Impossible Task. John plans to cash that debt by having Gianna D’Antonia killed. John finds himself in Santino’s crosshairs. The threat grows when John realizes how much bounty has been placed on his head.

This made the Impossible Task even more tragic as it only guaranteed John’s happiness for a short time. Helen would have died anyway, so John’s civilian retirement would be a temporary peace. Santino would eventually pay his debt and John was forced into an eventful series that made him one of the most wanted men on Earth. Santino had to rescue John that night. He couldn’t accomplish his mission, and the price is too high.

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