Tera Form Leaks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Point to Charizard’s Advantage

A rumor has emerged about Tera Forms being added in Pokemon Scarlett and Violet DLC. An old friend would most likely receive it.

It has been revealed that Pokemon Scattle will be releasing Violet content in the next year. Integration with PokemonGO as well as PokemonHOME continues to be revealed. The addition of legendary Paradox Pokemon has been made possible by Tera Raid Battles. Many fans are pleased to see updates for Pokemon Scavelet and Vivid. It is a good sign that the games are getting better. Pokemon trainers have the opportunity to enjoy a two-part DLC expansion, “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero”, in late 2023. It will include The Teal Mask in the fall and The Indigo Disk during winter. These new additions will be exciting, especially given the rumors.

Although the DLC trailer’s first trailer was impressively produced, the key artwork that came with it only revealed a few new characters. We don’t know what these DLC episodes will contain, except for a few older Pokemon returning in Silver and Violet. A trusted leaker however has suggested a potential new mechanic on which one or both of the expansion parts may iterate. Leaks should be treated with caution. However, the Charizard’s Generation 1 starter could see another iteration, if Tera Forms prove to be available.

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Pokemon’s History of Charizards Form Gimmicks

Pokemon officially started using form-changing battle methods in Pokemon. Mega Evolution was an instant hit in the gaming world. It allowed certain fully-evolved Pokemon to evolve temporarily by Mega Stones, which corresponded with certain species. Charizard and Mewtwo are the only pair with two Evolutions from the Pokemon that had Mega Evolutions in Generation 6. It was not the end of this special attention to Generation 1.

Z-Moves dominated Pokemon Sun (and Moon) despite Mega Evolution’s potential. Both of these gimmicks were eventually abandoned in Pokemon Sword and Protect. In place of Dynamaxing which combined Z-Moves with Mega Evolution, it added a strict three-turn limit. Some old Pokemon still got their versions of these mechanics. Generation 8 introduced a limited range of Gigantamax Pokemon. They are similar to Dynamax with monsters taking on new Mega Evolution-like forms. Charizard is once again in this group. It’s also notable because Champion Leon’s Ace Pokemon is Charizard.

Tera Forms Could Fit Charizard’s Special Treatment

If the rumor of special Tera Forms being introduced to Pokemon Scarlet & Purple is true then this cycle could continue. Terastallization has a reputation for being a mechanic all Pokemon can use. But, depending on which Tera Type they are, there may be different ways to use it. Tera Forms, however, can act in the same way as Mega Evolutions or Gigantamax again with different rules. Certain Pokemon lines may get needed buffs. However, it’s more likely to be used by a very small number of Pokemon.

Because of its role in the forthcoming anime, Charizard stands a good chance of accomplishing this feat. The promotional materials suggest that Professor Friede will ride the Charizard mount. The Fire/Flying Pokemon has been featured in a Tera Raid battle. Harlet or Vivid could be seeing another Charizard in the future as a raid leader. As popular as these Pokemon are, it can be tiresome to see them in the same spot in multiple titles. If Tera Forms prove to be real, there may be other Pokemon who use them as well as the probable candidate Charizard.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple are both available now on Nintendo Switch

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