Shazam! Fury of the Gods Screenwriter Reveals LGBTQ+ Representation in the Shazamily

Shazam! Henry Gayden (Fury of the Gods) reveals that a member of the World’s Mightiest Family, which he fought for, is gay.

Pedro Pena, a Shazam Family member, has been confirmed to be gay in Shazam! Henry Gayden is the co-writer of Fury of the Gods, the DC movie.

Gayden, who also wrote Shazam! movies spoke out about Pedro’s sexual orientation. He gave an interview to Dorkaholics along with Chris Morgan (his collaborator for the sequel). Gayden noted that the only change to [ Fury of the Gods] has been being more open about Pedro’s homosexuality. “And that was mentioned in the first film very subtly. It was important, and I think it was crucial. We included that in the movie and brought that to the forefront.

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This isn’t the first time Pedro was fleshed out as an actor. descriptions from the World’s Mightiest Family revealed previous new information about him. These included that he’s been having self-confidence issues for a while, and has “a renewed interest in baseball.” Others include Billy Batson’s worthiness issues as he assumes his role as Big Red Cheese. Freddy Freeman has feelings for another girl at school. Later clips revealed that the new girl is Annthea. She is one of Fury of the Gods_’ villains: the Daughters of Atlas.

David F. Sandberg was able to talk about individual members as well as the Shazam Family’s 2022 status and their incompetence as superheroes. “They’ve all been superheroes for a while now, trying to stop crime and save people. But they are not great at it. Sandberg commented at the moment that Philadelphia has nicknamed them “Philly Fiascos”.

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What’s next in Shazam’s future?

Asher Angel, Billy Batson’s actor expressed an interest in Shazam being fully integrated by DC Studios co-head and filmmaker James Gunn. Angel first met Gunn at the film’s premiere DC film, Suicide Squad. Angel explained that he was a very nice, genuine, and humble man when he met Angel. “Super passionate. “Super passionate. It’s a natural pairing. It was inevitable. I would like to see Billy Batson/Shazam integrate with other characters. But who knows? There are currently no other Shazam projects that follow Fury of the Gods. Dwayne J. Johnson, who is currently Shazam’s archnemesis Black Adam, has no plans.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods opens in theatres on March 17.

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