Dragon Ball Fans Express Discontent as Women Characters are Stuck in Traditional Gender Roles

Akira Toriyama’s treatment of his female characters in domestic situations is what is driving outrage among Dragon Ball Super fans.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most influential anime/manga franchises, but his new chapter has drawn the ire and resentment of fans who do not like his treatment of female characters.

Dragon Ball Super’s current manga chapter has drawn backlash on Twitter, due to concerns over Mai’s evolution. Young Trunks was reassured by Pilaf Gangs, that they can have dates as often as they wish as their relationship grows. Many fans worry about her future, as it is common for the characters to become married couples. There is concern that she will lose the complexity of her growth and end up being a housewife like so many female Dragon Ball characters before her.

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Dragon Ball’s Housewife trope

Many were critical of Toriyama’s habit of placing female characters in the role of a housewife. Videl Bulma and Chi Chi were examples of this. Each married male character had strong characterizations but was often out shadowed or overshadowed in their roles. One Twitter user expressed concern over the fate of other female characters by pointing out Kale & Caulifa as possible victims of the housewife syndrome.

As the story unfolds, Mai’s fate is in doubt. However, many readers have grown sick of the repetition and frustration caused by so many characters being reduced to housewife roles. Viz Media is bringing the next chapter translated into English.

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Dragon Ball had its first serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump on March 8, 1984, and continued through 1995. It inspired numerous sequels, spinoffs, and multiple anime shows such as Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. The story of Son Goku is about a young fighter who lost his fight with the Earth while trying to find the Dragon Balls. Since then, the series has gained a large cast of characters. The latest Dragon Ball Super manga Chapters focus on Trunks/Goten in their teens as they attend high school and assume the role of superheroes while Trunks continually attempts to get Mai out on dates.

The anime adaptation of Dragon Ball Super has been re-released in 2023. Crunchyroll also offers the original 131 episodes. Toonami will soon broadcast the English dub of the Toriko/One Piece/Dragon Ball Z crossover. It will air on March 4, 2023.

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