Jack the Ripper in Record of Ragnarok: A Darker Counterpart to Sasuke

Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok sees Jack the Ripper become a more demented version of Sasuke of Naruto, both on the spiritual and in the field.

These spoilers are for Record Of Ragnarok season 2, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok viewers was keen to find out how Jack the Ripper would behave in Season 2. Many associate him with a Victorian Era England murderer, misogynistic, and a part of a sadistic scheme to kill women. This is why it was so bizarre that in such a sensitive time Jack would be used as a hero in anime.

Jack plays the role of Brunhilde in Brunhilde’s team, fighting the gods and saving humanity from extinction. Many were unsure how Jack would react to Hercules’ power. Ragnarok quickly elevates Jack, making him an even more absurd take on Naruto‘s Uchiha Ranger in Sasuke.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper Remixes Sasuke’s eye

Sasuke used his Sharingan eyes to find people’s chakras, both in the Naruto story and the Boruto tale. It gave him a sixth sense and helped him in battle. Jack has an identical ocular gift in the Report of Ragnarok. This ability was developed as a child. But his glowing eye is capable of detecting people’s emotions. He can sense their glow, and know if they are angry, scared, happy, or sad. It was why he believed, despite the tragic circumstances of his mother’s life, that he could see their glow and determine if they are happy.

It was a double-edged weapon, however. Jack learned how much his mother hated him by showing him how much he refused to provide for them when their father refused to pay. Jack was made a woman-hater by the woman’s infidelity to him when her love became malice. Jack fell into that pit of despair, similar to Sasuke’s loss of his Uchiha family. But he didn’t kill for revenge. This is why the Valkyrie wants to harness that maniacal energy.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper Contains Sasuke’s War Vibe

Sasuke’s war look is quite iconic in Naruto. His dark cloak makes him stand out and allows him to throw his kunai at the enemies. In addition, he is a speedy jumper, using tripwires and other methods he learned from Kakashi. Jack can use all of the Record for Ragnarok components to cut up Hercules.

His eye is like Sasuke and it complements his arsenal. It helps him to map Hercules’ movements. Jack has also learned how to do the lightning-cutter move, known as the Chidori. Kakashi used this move to make his fist a lightning blade to hit opponents in their hearts. When Rin became a bomb, he used this to cut straight through Rin. Sasuke was more adept at using it against many of his enemies. Sasuke is, admittedly, more cautious when using the move as he gets older. Jack takes a similar approach and uses his version in the record of Ragnarok‘s Finale against Hercules.

His blood can turn any object into a weapon, so he allows blood to seep into his hands. Jack then punches Hercules in the face, nodding at the Chidori’s Fatality. Hercules was impressed and surprised by Jack’s tactic. Jack won the duel at the same intelligence level as Sasuke.

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