The Unstoppable Garou: Examining the Power of One Punch Man’s Foe

One-Punch Man’s strongest character is Garou. How does he compare to others?

Garou is, just like all animes with one type of villain, a fan favorite for the Two Punch Man Series. Garou is often called the “hero hunter” and opposes the hero-monster association strongly. Garou was once a top-ranked student of Bang’s martial art master. But, because he lost control, Garou was fired.

Garou is a character that was introduced later in the series. He is described as a young male with grayish hair. He wears black long sleeve t-shirts and long white trousers. He also has kung fu martial arts shoes. His muscles are evident as his long-sleeved T-shirt makes him fitter and enhances his muscular physique.

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The root of his hatred towards heroes stems from his early childhood. A boy named Tacchan bullied Garou when they were playing heroes and villains. Garou was made the villain by Tacchan. He realized how much Tacchan was loved by his classmates but detested Garou for being a monster. This caused him to become a fan of monsters, rather than heroes. Although he has a strong hatred for heroes, he also considers himself a powerful individual. He will attack anyone who challenges or insults him. He is not concerned about his hero’s rank and class. He believes that he is stronger than the heroes he dreads losing.

Garou was identified as a villain. He is also adamant about not causing harm to innocents, like children. This is evident when Metal Bat’s sibling, Garou, arrives at the scene and stops Garou from attacking Metal Bat. Garou shrugs and says that he’s somewhere else.

Garou was a Bang disciple before going on his wild rampage to find heroes and defeat them. He was so talented that he beat all his peers. He became a powerful force to be reckoned with after gaining a strong martial arts education from Bang. Later, he said that he has defeated more than 100 heroes because they started him hunting them down.

Fighting Abilities


Garou loves the heat and excitement of the battle. When he is fighting his enemies, Garou calls them names and appears superior to them. Garou checks the environment before he gets into his fights. Garou was able to defeat all the A and B-class heroes that appeared alongside Death Gatling to take Garou down even though he wasn’t in top physical condition. Garou was able to use his martial arts skills in a creative way to defeat the heroes, using their abilities and weapons against them. He also landed punches and kicks.

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Garou’s fight style revolves around strong martial arts moves that he learned directly from Bang. Garou was easily defeated when he had to face heroes and monsters who use different fighting styles. Watchdog Man can bounce off objects to make it difficult to defeat him. Garou’s strength can be overcome by A-class heroes. His superior martial arts skills and strength give him an edge over average fighters. Even though he is weak and poisoned, he still can fight, making him an excellent opponent. This is also a sign that Garou has unbelievable endurance and stamina. His speed and reflexes play a major role in his ability to dodge fatal attacks from his opponents and to use acrobatic moves.

Garou also has enhanced senses which allow him to see into the future and predict his opponent’s moves. To win a fight, Garou can use his willpower like no one else. Garou was able, despite suffering an injury in his fight against Spring Mustachio and being able to deflect all shots from Golden Ball at him, to defeat Spring Mustachio. Garou’s fighting style is based on martial arts. He uses it to exploit the weaknesses of his opponent. Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and Exploding Heart Release Feist are just a few of the moves he uses. He also learns moves from his opponents. For example, he copied Watchdog Man’s movements to free Geno.

Garou appears to transform into a monster when he surpasses the limiter. His final form makes him even more powerful and is the point where he is unstoppable.

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