Nintendo Switch Sports Passes Reach Significant Sales Milestone

Gematsu stated that these sales charts account for physical game sales. This chart is applicable to Nintendo Switch Sports since the physical version of the game came with a leg-strap accessory. This accessory was first used in the 2019 Switch game Ring Fit Adventure. It was later adapted for Soccer in Nintendo Switch Sports. Ring Fit Adventure went well upon its release. It was also ranked second on the top-selling Switch games for 2020 in Japan.

Many feel that Nintendo Switch Sports has not lived up to the legacy of Wii Sports. This could be explained by the game being released later in Nintendo Switch’s history, not having the same built-in audience that a game gets by being included in a console, or players having several months to receive Golf in Nintendo Switch Sports. Regardless of how Nintendo Switch Sports was perceived, the continued success of the series gives hope that Nintendo still believes in it and will continue to support the series in the future.

Nintendo Switch Sports available on Switch

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